Reading post #8

After reading Hesse’s Demian I decided to go for some more light-hearted literature and ended up reading real teen fiction, namely Sue Limb’s Zoe and Chloe: On the Prowl.

This book follows the adventures of the two main characters – Zoe and Chloe – mainly trying to find some boys to go with them to a charity ball. For the whole duration of the novel, Chloe and Zoe get into a lot of trouble and face some interesting problems (as is typical in teen literature) like Chloe raising money to help her poor sister out of debt (which she brought on to herself, naturally) and Zoe dealing with a heartbreaker. Oh, and they also start a life-coaching service just to meet more potential dates. The book has a happy ending, of course, though perhaps not one the reader might be expecting.

The book is written in an often comic and very over-the-top style, which I enjoyed very much. Even if the book is of a more light nature, it encorporates several darker themes (it just deals with them in a way that is more closer to the natural tone of the book). It’s a wonderful and quick read, and provides many funny mental images for the reader as well as a lot of laughs.


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